Montag, 23. Mai 2011

Alkoholiker anyone?

Facebook fragte mich beim erstellen der Fanpage nach einer Altersrestriktion. Die Zahlen machen ja alle Sinn, aber was zur Hölle darf ich mir unter "Alcohol-related" vorstellen?  Wird da bei jedem passend zu den Landesgesetzen eine Grenze angesetzt? Sick, Facebook! 

Edit: Dank Mirko haben wir nun Gewissheit, die Vermutung war richtig, es wird an die jeweilige Landesgrenze angepasst:
"The Alcohol-Related age restriction sets the minimum age based on the location of the user. Only users in Canada, South Korea or Nicaragua who are 19+, in Japan, Iceland or Paraguay who are 20+, in Cameroon, Micronesia, Palau, Solomon Isl...ands, Sri Lanka or the U.S. who are 21+, in India and Sweden who are 25+, and elsewhere who are 18+ will be able to view your Page. You understand that the Alcohol-Related age restriction is for convenience and that Facebook does not represent that by using that setting your Page will be legally compliant in all countries where your Page is visible. You understand that ultimately you are responsible for setting the proper legally compliant age restrictions for each country where your Page is visible."

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